Ashley Dupre, former Governor Spitzer's high-class escort -turned-aspiring singer- turned-Russell Simmons protege, is all over the TV now that she's the NY Post's new advice columnist. Yesterday, she appeared on The View—video below—discussing why men cheat, and today, it was Good Day New York (also owned by the Post's owner News Corp).

Dupre told GDNY anchor Rosanna Scotto that the advice column is something she's wanted to do for a long time (a reality show producer did say that Dupre saw herself as like Dr. Phil last year). She admitted, "I don't hae a Ph.D. in human behavior. What I do have is experience, on the other side, and I know... the piece missing in a man's marriage," but the column is "kind of tongue in cheek, I'm having fun with it, and it's just my experience. And what better way to learn than [from someone] who's been there and done that."

Still, that's not good enough for the Daily News' Joanna Molloy, who blasts Dupre's hiring at the News' rival paper:

Teenage runaway, girl gone wild, hooker, home wrecker, nude model ... sex advice columnist to the city! Yep, there she was, Ashley Dupre, with her creative and profitable experience between the sheets, giving advice to New York's sexlorn in a newspaper that puts a new down in downmarket.

...With Dupre spread across the newspaper Sundays, perhaps six of Tiger Woods' mistresses could pick up the slack the rest of the week.

Or, taking the logic a bit further, Bernie Madoff could write a what-not-to-do with your money column; we could get travel tips from Salvatore (Sammy Bull) Gravano; Sen. Larry Craig could advise on how to meet new people; Mel Gibson could give lessons on tolerance and Lindsay Lohan, on sobriety.

Oh, snap! Of course, Dupre's latest foray in the spotlight has been causing some issues: She Tweeted on Sunday, "WTF. I just answered my door b/c I'm expecting my neighbor and it was this reporter from Metro. She got into 2 locked doors...And I asked her how did she know where I live and she said its her job and she can't answer that. I told her boundaries, this is my home...She said I have a few questions about your column. Me in my Christmas flannel pajamas directed her to my attorney and gave her his number..."

Ashley Dupre on The View:

Ashley Dupre on Good Day New York: