Hey, it's a new possible career direction for Ashley Dupre—marriage counselor! The former high-class escort who shot to fame/infamy as former Governor Spitzer's fling "Kristen" weighed in on the Tiger Woods chatty alleged mistresses last week, telling the Post, "At least I kept my mouth shut." Now, she's going to be on Extra! tonight, with some thoughts for Woods' wife Elin Nordegren: "[She should] take some time to herself, digest everything, go to counseling."

She adds, "If she really loves him, and they have those bonds... go to therapy, see if you can work it out. I believe in love and making it work out. They can do it." And Dupre, who points out she never sought the spotlight (the spotlight came to her, as it were, in the beginning), is still pissed at the women who are going to the media with their Tiger tales, "I mean, he has a family, he has a wife, he has kids. For people who just come out and say things... that's really wrong. You're messing with some one else's life... When you sleep with a married man... first of all, you're only helping them stay married," but notes, "I'm not trying to stick up for [Woods] at all."