Today singer Ashanti's mother, who has been the victim of obsessive sexting from her daughter's stalker, recalled some of the disturbing behavior her family has witnessed from Devar Hurd. At the Manhattan Supreme Court she recalled him saying he's "going to marry her. She's going to have my babies."

According to the Daily News, Tina Douglas was unable to ignore the messages from Hurd that relentlessly poured in. She said eventually wouldn't pick up the phone anymore. Today prosecutors showed images he sent Douglas, while she read the text message that she described as "very disrespectful."

Currently Hurd is locked up on Rikers Island and being "charged with leaving long voice mails for Douglas, and sending her texts and pictures of his penis." His lawyer says, "It's misguided and it may be sick, but it's not criminal. His intent was never to harass."