20060511_wv.jpgIf you were envious of David Blaine staying under water for eight days envy no more! The weather situation is taking a turn toward the soggy. The blocking high we mentioned yesterday is going to keep an approaching storm system over us for several days. The Weather Service is euphemistically saying we will have "unsettled" weather through their forecast period. What they mean is rain, rain, rain, and rain. There will be heavy rain and light rain, rain showers and thunderstorms. There will be red rain, purple rain, and maybe even rain from outer space. Thirty-two flavors of rain in all. There will be enough rain to make us wrinkly and moldy.

Drizzly for the rest of the day today. Steady rain, possibly a thunderstorm after midnight tonight. Most likely up to an inch of rain tomorrow. Maybe lots more. Showers on Saturday and Sunday. Thunderstorms likely on Monday and Tuesday. A break from the rain next Wednesday. With all the clouds and moisture around temperatures will hold steady in the 55-65 degree range throughout the period.

Water vapor satellite image of the approaching storm from the National Weather Service.