The more Gothamist hears about the MTA and Transport Workers Union, the more we're confused. So, the TWU is trying to get its membership to approve the contract that was rejected by 7 votes in January, even though the MTA claims that the contract is no longer valid and just wants the whole thing to go to binding arbitration... yet the TWU is still going through with a revote, probably in April. Why can't these two sides just suck it up and work it out? Even though a strike is supposed to be unlikely, it just makes us crazy that it has to drag on like this. Why did the MTA have to be so stupid to suddenly disavow the contract? And why did the TWU not express what the contract said (the union is claiming some of its members were misinformed last go around)? Once a contract is finally agreed upon, Gothamist would like to suggest that both parties go into couples counseling or group therapy, because to go through this every three years is stupid.

Photograph of subway track work on the 2/3 line taken during the weekend - we love seeing construction in the subways because it just seems so impossible in such a tiny, fragile space