The decision by 927 Fifth Avenue to remove the nest of red-tailed hawks Pale Male, Lola, and others has suddenly turned into a war between cold-hearted, wealthy co-op owners and free-spirited, generous nature lovers. A vigil/protest rally was held across the street from 927 Fifth yesterday; of course, it was organized by the Audobon Society, so it wasn't all hellfire and damnation. According to reader Jo, co-op president Paula Zahn refused to comment about the issue. The NY Post spoke to a resident who says the building's action was not about safety, as its lawyers claimed, but really about privacy, since many ornithologically inclined use their telescopes on the building. Yesterday, the hawks were seen trying to rebuild their nest yesterday, though many thought it looked like a futile effort.

There's another rally planned for today at 4:30PM, across the street from 927 Fifth Avenue (at 74th Street). If you're going, please send us pictures or email us details.

Photograph of hawk babies by Lincoln Karim of can people remove a nest where babies were born?