2007_08_spinningbike.jpgLast week, debate about gym etiquette went to a new level after news of a spin class altercation. When one spinning class member was too loud (war-whooping, hollering, grunting), another member threw him and his bike against a wall at an Upper East Side Equinox location. The grunting member, 48-year-old hedge fund manager Stuart Sugarman, suffered a concussion and spinal injuries and now he tells the Post about the latest injustice he's suffered.

Apparently Equinox left a cell phone message for him, telling him his membership was canceled. Sugarman "had been in Lenox Hill Hospital preparing for neck surgery when he received the 'bizarre' cellphone message." This is good to know: Acting really over-the-top during an Equinox class can get your membership canceled - as will having sex having at the gym.

Sugarman's angry fellow spin class member Christopher Carter is being charged with assault by the Manahttan DA's office. Of course, Sugarman has retained a lawyer who says that Christopher Carter had "spin rage" and plans to sue Carter and Equinox. (Apparently Carter had complained about Sugarman's behavior during the class to the instructor who did nothing.) Carter's lawyer simply says Sugarman is "exaggerating his injuries." Well, the Post does have a picture of Sugarman in his neck brace.