During a press conference where he was discussing consolidation of local governments (there are 10,521!), NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo was bombarded with questions about his interest in replacing Senator Hillary Clinton. He told reporters, "There is no one else involved besides the governor, nor should there be. I have total confidence in the decision that he’s going to make. And I also respect his point that there’s been so much media frenzy on this over the past few days it’s almost turned into a reality TV show.”

He added, "I think first of all it is a little presumptuous for someone to say, 'I’m not interested.'... My position is: I have a job. I'm the attorney general of the state of New York. I have my hands full doing it. I enjoy doing it."

A Marist poll found that NY State Democrats prefer Caroline Kennedy over Cuomo to replace Clinton, but Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-Queens) questioned Kennedy's credentials. In a radio interview, he said, "I don't know what Caroline Kennedy's qualifications are... Except that she has name recognition, but so does J.Lo. I wouldn't make J.Lo the senator unless she proved she had great qualifications, but we haven't seen them yet."