Despite the impending dismissal of charges of rape and robbery against him and his marriage to a US citizen, a Brooklyn livery driver is facing deportation for overstaying a one-year visa issued in 1999. "They made a huge mistake and stopped my life for no reason," 24-year-old William Geraldo tells the Post.

Geraldo was initially arrested (on his scheduled wedding day) after video surveillance showed that he was in a Dunkin' Donuts at the same time as a 28-year-old rape victim on June 4. The woman was choked and attacked after she left the store, but Geraldo told police that he was taking a fare to the airport at the time of the incident. It was the fourth time a similar attack had occurred, and police believed they had their man, despite the other three victims failing to identify him in lineups.

Geraldo maintained his innocence in an interview with the Post at Rikers, and pointed to an alibi that authorities later agreed was credible. A fifth attack also happened while he was in custody, strengthening his case. "All indications are that the next time it's in court, the case will be dismissed," his defense attorney says.

But even after being released from jail without bond, immigration officials detained him for his expired visa. Geraldo was set free on bail and finally married his wife Sondra on July 18th. Although sources tell the Post that authorities may "give him a break" because he's married, it doesn't look good. The Obama administration has drastically ramped up deportations since taking office, and despite calls to curtail them, families continue to be sundered.