Central Park was severely hurt by this past weekend's snowstorm, and now it is struggling to get things in order before the New York City Marathon comes running through this weekend. Seriously, the Central Park Conservancy expects to spend half a million dollars on the necessary pruning and tree removal.

Over the last weekend as many as 1,000 trees in the park were damaged by the three inches of snow that hit them, and may well have to be removed. But before that happens the Conservancy is trying to get the Marathon's final stretch safe for runners. That means instead of the usual two or three crews pruning trees along the race's route, they've currently got nine "including seven private contractors brought in after the storm." After they've done that, then they'll start actually cutting down the trees destroyed by the storm.

Want to help out Manhattan's back yard? The Central Park Conservancy is desperately seeking donations to help pay for the cleanup.