Con Ed and the union representing 8,500 workers had talks yesterday, in hopes of ending a week-long lockout, but no agreement was reached. The two sides will meet again on Tuesday. Which means there will probably be two more days of anger.

A Con Edison worker was charged with second-degree falsely reporting an incident for allegedly reporting a phony gas leak in Yonkers. The Journal News adds, "Con Edison... reported that an arrow and two bullets struck electrical wires in Armonk on Wednesday and Thursday. North Castle police confirmed they are investigating the two cases of equipment vandalism in Armonk."

A Con Ed spokesman, Allan Drury, noted the union's protests and said to the News, "Obviously, the question comes up, ‘Do we think it’s the union doing that?’ The answer: We’re not alleging that any individual is responsible for the arrow or the bullets. We’re seeking the public’s help to prevent further vandalism." However, union Local 1-2 spokesman John Melia said, "[Con Ed will] stoop to anything to discredit the men and women they locked out from work. The men and women of 1-2 are not lawbreakers and any suggestion otherwise is scurrilous innuendo." The union believes that the utility is putting people's lives in danger as managers are trying to do the union workers' tasks.

This has prompted Con Ed to also stop giving detailed information about where outages are on its website. According to the Post, "The utility yanked street- and block-level data about electric outages from its Web site yesterday, alleging that members of its biggest union used the data to assault management employees repairing wires." Another spokesman said, “We’re getting reports that some crews are being harassed."

Con Ed has reduced voltage in parts of Brooklyn and Bronx.