The NY State Legislature did not manage to meet the annual April 1st deadline for a state budget. But at least there's precedent—they didn't meet the deadline for the three years before this one either! While Governor Paterson has delayed payments to schools and stopped construction projects, there's one small, teeny, slight silver lining: According to the NY Times, "Starting Thursday, no statewide official or legislator — from Mr. Paterson on down — will be paid their salaries until a budget is approved, under a 1998 law." Too bad many lawmakers have other jobs (we're looking at you, Sheldon Silver!)

Yesterday, Governor Paterson took to YouTube to discuss the state's finances with the public, touting his budget proposal which "combines significant spending reductions and necessary revenue generators to balance a formidable budget deficit" and complains that the State Assembly's and State Senate's proposals feature "too little spending reductions and too much borrowing." He said, "We cannot accept a budget that cripples the State for our next generation and I will not accept a budget that rewards special interests, allowing them not to make the same sacrifices that average New Yorkers make everyday."

The Daily Politics reports that Paterson was on John Gambling's WOR radio show, faulting lawmakers for not making tough decisions during an election year and patting himself on the back "for the bare bones budget extenders he proposed, which have been passed by the Legislature to keep the bare minimum of government services running until lawmakers get a budget deal."