2007_11_timeclock.jpgThe Department of Education is charging a temp with stealing $50,000 in fake overtime. The tip off? When Tyrone Avila would claim he was working 85 hours a week - when he really supposed to work less than 40 hours a week.

The Daily News reports that Avila had been temping as budget analyst for the DOE since 2001, but "he didn't start padding his time sheets until 2005 when his mother-in-law developed mental problems and needed assistance." Avila managed to subvert the DOE's "internal control system" for keeping track of time. Oh, and he forged his boss's signature. Also: The school official who reviews time sheets at Avila's office told DOE investigators he doesn't usually review them before approving them. Oops!

The Queens DA will charge Avila with forgery and grand larceny while the DOE will work on tightening its time sheet process. Some other great hits of DOE's money management (both noticed by the Daily News, as it happens): Overspending on books and spending money to save money.