Hours ago, former State Comptroller Alan Hevesi was fined $5,000 and sentenced to probation for "unlawful use of a state vehicle and driver" when he used his employees to drive his ill wife. The Times Union has an 18-minute video of the sentencing; reporter Rick Karlin noted that Albany County Court Judge Stephen Herrick said to the Queens Democrat, "Your fall from grace has been total and from a very great height…You are now the symbol, the icon, used by local and state reformers... Hopefully, your failure will serve as a deterrent." (See mugshot here)

Of course, Hevesi's fall from grace and eventual resignation from his position is what has created a bad situation between Governor Eliot Spitzer and the NY State Legislature. Now that the Democrat-run Assembly has selected fellow Assembly member Thomas DiNapoli to be the new Comptroller - in spite of an agreement to choose a candidate that Spitzer and an outside panel approved of - Spitzer is canceling or bagging out of that include NY Assembly members and is talking about knockout blows.

The NY Times has a fun quote from Spitzer biographer Brooke Masters: "I think Spitzer’s fight-picking is more calculated than people recognize. He is obviously an energetic guy who does like to yell at people, but some of his fights are deliberate and are part of a strategy.” Check out what Assemblyman Vito Lopez says about Spitzer's attitude from The Politicker. And State Comptroller DiNapoli's first day of work meant he had to find out about the employee who was masturbating in the nude on a ski lift in Vermont.

Photograph of Alan Hevesi leaving Albany County Court by Tim Roske/AP