Yesterday Robert Lederman and fellow ARTIST member Jack Nesbitt were both arrested on the High Line for hocking their art — specifically, they received 5 summonses for vending without a Parks permit. In 2001 they were both plaintiffs in a Federal lawsuit that overturned the Parks permit requirement for artists. Since then no permit has been needed to sell art in public parks.

Lederman, who was just arrested last month for the same exact thing, says the duo "were handcuffed by 5 Parks Enforcement Patrol officers (PEP), taken to the 6th Precinct, held in a cell, and later released with two Criminal Court summonses given to each artist for disorderly conduct and failure to comply." Allegedly the arresting officers told the artists the arrest was directly ordered by Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe! We've contacted his office for comment and will update if we get a response.

According to the Villager, Lederman's next project will be off the canvas; he plans to sue the Friends of the High Line and the city for millions in damages. Video of yesterday's arrest can be seen after the jump.