2006_05_artie.jpgArtie, who knew? Actor John Ventimiglia who plays tortured Vesuvio chef-owner Artie Bucco on The Sopranos was pulled over for a DWI and drug possession in Park Slope! The Post says the police pulled him over when they "spotted him with his headlights off and weaving in and out of the oncoming traffic lane on Seventh Avenue in Park Slope at around 1AM," and Ventimiglia admitted to having four glasses of wine in Manhattan before driving; later he claimed he had been drinking in LIC, and that he had been driving to find a parking spot. Oh, finding a parking spot in Park Slope sucks. But does that explain the Ziploc bag "with cocaine residue" found in his pocket? Ouch! Ventimiglia was arraigned on Monday; he was featured prominently in the second most recent episode, where he managed to put the hurt on Benny (who would have guessed that?) and show off his poor employee-relations skills. We've liked his understated narration in Personal Velocity.

Since the Daily News did have any Sopranos cast member-getting-arrested news (the Post says the guy who plays Tony's bodyguard was arrested), their TV critics give "He Said, He Said" thoughts on the show - David Bianculli thinks the show is as epic as ever while Richard Huff think it sucks. We'd have to say we're somewhere in between - sometimes it drags, but the characters are fascinating. Are you still watching?