2005_08_chien.jpgNewsday reports that Arthur Chi'en the CBS 2 reporter, who was fired for retorting at hecklers (from Opie & Anthony) with the f-word, will be returning to our local TV stations by joining the Channel 11 News at Ten. Many people were surprised that trying to stand up for one's self could lead to firing, but, hey, CBS don't play that way. Chi'en told Newsday that given he has worked in TV for 12 years, "I think [WB 11 was] pretty comfortable with that record, instead of the choice five seconds." Plus he's doing that put-money-into-the-jar when you swear thing, so he'll never swear again! No, he didn't say that, but he did say he knows that this is "something that cannot happen again." Yeah, if it does, Chi'en will have to shop around a TV news concept for cable.

Chi'en was fired in May while reporting on Metrocard scamming, which proves the MTA has caused people to lose their jobs, though not in the "you've been late one too many times" way we thought it would. Gothamist says if you should see Chi'en reporting on a transportation issue near you, give him a "What the eff is going on, man!" but only after he's done taping. And you can order Chi'en Revolution t-shirts from Cafe Press.