In April word got out that the city was looking to slash the number of art vendors allowed in certain city parks. This was followed by a lawsuit against the city, filed by artists. But eventually The Man won, and last week a judge upheld the new rule, capping art vendors at 120 (down from 300).

The artists are still fighting back, however, and NY1 reports that yesterday dozens showed up in Union Square to protest the new rules. One told the station the greenmarket and other corporate concessions were to blame for the congestion in Union Square, while another declared, "Bloomberg has got so much money and we're in such a bad economic recession, I don't see why they have to be picking on art and first amendment rights." Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe countered, saying with the vendors there, "you couldn't even see the statue of Gandhi."

As a next step, the artists' lawyers are planning to appeal the court ruling.