In October we were all introduced to Art the cat, a stray that somehow got himself into the engine of an SUV where he was taken on a two-mile drive, ending in the Bronx. He was extracted by Emergency Service Unit detectives, and was down one of his nine lives. Now Art needs a human's help again — the Daily News reports that he's doing well and is looking for a home.

Siobhan Healy, animal care coordinator for the Mayor's Alliance, has been aiding in Art's healing process, and says he's now up ready for adoption. She notes, "He's always going to be a little skittish and a bit of a scaredy-cat. But he just needs love to get over the trauma he's been through."

Art is around 2 years old and is currently living at the Murray Hill Pet Hospital. Do you want to give him a more permanent home? You can email the Mayor's Alliance at info (at) animalalliance (dot) org. More info and recent photos can also be found here. And on a related note, here's an amazing story of a coyote that survived a similar trip under the hood of a car.