Last year, the Toledo Museum lent the Guggenheim Museum the Goya painting "Children with a Cart" for the Guggenheim's Spanish painting show. But on the way to New York, the painting disappeared near Scranton, PA. The painting was eventually found, but now the FBI has arrested the tipster who brought the painting to them!

Last November, a professional art transporter left the painting in the truck overnight while staying at a motel. The painting was stolen and the FBI decided it was not an inside job but a "typical New Jersey cargo theft," where crooks hoping for a Christmas season bounty of PlayStations and whatnot target trucks and take the biggest items. The painting was recovered two weeks later, much to the relief of the Toledo Museum, but not many details were released.

This week, the FBI reveals that Steven Lee Olson originally told the authorities he found the painting in his basement. Not only was he trying to claim the $50,000 reward, Olsen also had initially told the FBI his step-son stole the painting. The Star-Ledger reports the FBI spent nearly a year building a case against Olsen, a truck driver, and he was indicted on Monday. The investigation is ongoing.

And the Goya did make it to New York a few months later. The Guggenheim said at the time they would not be changing their security procedures.