2006_10_bradrolwillphoto.jpgYesterday, 12 people were arrested during a protest outside the Mexican Consulate. Hundreds of people gathered on East 39th Street to protest the death of Bradley Roland Will, a New York activist who went to Oaxaca to cover the months-long protest there between a teachers union and the government. Narco News has extensive coverage of the demonstration, which included one activist using a climbing harness owned by Will to climb onto a lamppost and hang a banner while another chained himself to the consulate's gate. Their demands?

1. All armed forces acting on behalf of the government against the people of Oaxaca be removed immediately;

2. The illegitimate governor Ruiz be removed immediately;

3. The federal government negotiate directly with those people who man the barricades in Oaxaca;

4. Guilty parties on all levels be identified and held accountable for the assassinations of Brad Will and the other civilian victims in Oaxaca.

Narco News is also dismissive of the commercial media reporting that Will had been killed in a crossfire, while it seems clear that he was killed by the paramilitary.

The Post reports there were 14 other demonstrations across the country to protest Will's death yesterday. El Diario on the protest (it's in Spanish) and the NY Times on what's happening in Oaxaca.