After six people—including a 2-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy—were injured during a 7 p.m. Sunday shooting, the police announced a $22,000 award ($10,000 from the Mayor's office, $10,000 from NYPD, and $2,000 from CrimeStoppers) for the arrest and conviction of the individuals involved. The NYPD announced that 19-year-old Brooklyn residents Lawand Tinsley, arrested yesterday, and Michael Jones, arrested today, were charged with six counts of attempted murder, six counts of assault and six counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Police say that a tip led to Tinsley's arrest. Apparently Tinsley made "statements implicating himself" in the shooting which occurred on a street by Chester Street and Riverdale Avenue. The Daily News reports, "The intended target, 17-year-old Andrew Void, had run to that location after seeing the gunman and two accomplices as they approached him at a bodega a block and half away."

Little Ariyanna Prince's knee was struck by a bullet and underwent surgery. Her mother told the Post, "If there’s a pop sound, like a firecracker or a car backfires, she becomes very scared." Kentrell Simpson, 13, was shot in the hand. In the past two weeks, a 4-year-old was killed by gunfire during a charity basketball game in the Bronx and while a 14-year-old was killed, likely by a stray bullet, after playing tennis in the Bronx.