This sounds like the Keystone Kops, but it actually happened: Yesterday morning, a 15 year-old girl arrested by police managed to get out of her handcuffs and hit the cop watching her with them, enabling her to escape. A female plainclothes sergeant from the juvenile crimes squad was guarding her, but the suspect managed to get her left hand out of the handcuffs. And then she hit the sergeant with the other half of the handcuffs. The Daily News reports that the sergeant, whose face was covered with blood from a cut near her ear, "jumped in the back of the van and tried to restrain the teen, but the 155-pound suspect managed to jump from the van and fled down the street." The NYPD version: "There was a violent struggle between the sergeant and the suspect." The NYPD has been looking into better procedures to transporting prisoners, but Newsday noted: "Security of female prisoners, however, remains a challenge because their thinner wrists make it easier to slip out of handcuffs, though yesterday's escapee is medium framed, 5-foot-5, 155 pounds." The police were still looking for the suspect, who was wearing a bubble jacket and still had the handcuffs on her right hand.