121708mugging.jpgMore details on the two suspects arrested Monday night in connection with a series of violent muggings in the West Village: the Post, in an article headlined "Village Vermin Busted," hears from an anonymous source in the NYPD, who says cops spotted them "lurking in the shadows of a building. Something was not right. They took off immediately." A witness describes the high-profile bust: "Two cop cars pulled up and other cops were running down the middle of street. The cop cars screeched up to the intersection. It was very dramatic. Neighbors even stuck their heads out their windows to watch. They were saying, 'Did they get them? Did they get them?'" And one of the suspects, 21-year-old Adam Temple of Crown Heights, allegedly tossed a 9 mm pistol aside before being tackled. The Post says he was later found with a stolen credit card.