Police have made the first in what they hope will be a series of arrests connected to the murder of Long Island motivational speaker Jeff Locker. 36-year-old Kenneth Minor has been charged with second-degree murder after being identified as one of two people seen on ATM surveillance video while taking out money from Locker's account. The News says Minor can be seen "checking his face for blood splatters in the ATM reflection." Minor, who has a rap sheet dating back to 1991 on drug and robbery charges, admitted to cops that he was on the scene while Locker was stabbed with a screwdriver while parked in his car in East Harlem, but claimed that he was only assisting the North Woodmere father of two in committing suicide so that Locker's family could collect insurance. Police dismiss that notion and say they are now looking for the prostitute who appears to have set up Locker's murder. The News says that Locker was involved in seeing that woman during "a series of Wednesday night trysts."