The bodega worker who was viciously pelted with avocados and bananas in the Bronx last month posted to Instagram yesterday that he is "doing well," despite suffering lacerations and a broken jaw. Meanwhile, police say they've arrested one of the men suspected of attacking the worker, though they are still searching for a second suspect.

The Post reports that Amir Alzabidi, 21, is recovering following the May 29th attack at the Stadium Gourmet Deli near Yankee Stadium, in which two men pelted fruit at him after getting into an argument with him over their food order. Alzabidi sustained lacerations to his face and suffered a broken jaw, according to police. The incident was caught on video:

This morning, police arrested Bronx resident Brad Gomez, 28, who is expected to be charged with assault in connection with the attack. Meanwhile, cops are still searching for a second suspect.