A counselor at a residential treatment home in Bucks County, PA has been charged with felony neglect and involuntary manslaughter after leaving an autistic patient in a stuffy van for five hours, where he eventually died of hyperthermia. Stacey Strauss was already suspended from her job, but in court papers she denied being in charge of Nevins on the day of his death.

Nevins was one of four clients taken on a trip to Sesame Place, but Strauss reportedly called a supervisor to report that Nevins was causing problems by "biting himself and trying to bite another client." They were ordered to return to the treatment home. Strauss claims she was only assigned to watch one client, while her colleague was assigned to watch the other three. Nevins could only speak a few words, and was under a care plan that required "constant, arms-reach supervision" on trips. Strauss claims she had seen all of the clients outside the van when they returned, but did not make sure Nevins was back in the building.

Bucks County DA David Heckler said Nevins would have been unable to operate the door handles to the van because of the severity of his autism, and his parents say he had the mental abilities of a two-year-old. Heckler said, "Mr. "Nevins' death...resulted from the criminal failure of the defendant to discharge her assigned responsibilities to Mr. Nevins." Nevins' father, a retired NYPD detective who lives in Oceanside, said, "My son was essentially murdered by this woman. Now we'll see what the people of Bucks County think the life of a disabled person is worth."