2007_03_sibrady.jpgA man brought in for questioning about the Wednesday incident where a 13-year-old was found practically nude and handcuffed to a tree in Staten Island was arrested. The Staten Island Advance reports that 26-year-old William Marcus is expected to be arraigned today - and that he was "arrested eight years to the day before last night's bust for a sexual abuse case."

Though the 13-year-old said he was abducted on his way to school, police believe that the teen had planned a meeting with someone he met on MySpace. The police took the boy's computer and found information leading to Marcus. Marcus is now also suspected of a similar incident a few weeks ago that involved a 14-year-old boy he met in a chatroom.

Staten Island DA Daniel Donovan warned that predators "know how to entice a child to meet them some place. They need very little information to meet your child. They need your child's photograph, which a lot of children put their in their profile, and the school your child goes to."