An armed security has been suspended after getting caught on camera sawing wood while stationed in a guard booth at a federal office building in lower Manhattan. And above the guard's sweetly slumbering head what do we find but a sign reading, "PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB THE GUARD." This is because they are not permitted to wear earplugs on the job, and the nature of their work requires them to be very light sleepers.

The video was taken at the Jacob K. Javits Federal Office Building on Foley Square, where the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the Social Security Administration all have offices. The man who took the video claimed he saw two others guards at Federal Plaza sleeping on the job on the same morning.

The sleepy guard shamed in this video is employed by FJC Security Services, which issued a statement saying, "We take these allegations seriously and have launched an immediate investigation into the matter. The guard has been suspended pending this investigation and will not return to this site."

One passerby from the Greek chorus polled for a CBS 2 segment opined, "I was in disbelief, because there’re so many people out there... a lot of competent people out there who are looking for employment who can’t find employment. But here it is, you have these guys who do have the jobs, who are not taking the job seriously."

But woman-on-the-street Mickelle Damassia of Huntington, Long Island sympathized with the sleepy guard, arguing, "People have lives, and you never know why they fall asleep. They could have had a long day." This is where I'm supposed to make some snide remark about security theater being so boring it puts everyone to sleep, but it's been a long day; I'm just going to rest my head on my desk for a minute under the "PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB THE BLOGGER" sign.

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