2005_11_postoffice.jpgEarly yesterday morning, three armed robbers stole thousands of dollars from a post office in Crown Heights. Postal workers who were sorting mail before opening hours were forced to lie on the floor as the manager was asked to open the safe at the James E. Davis Post Office at 315 Empire Boulevard. Since the post office is a government property, the robbery would be a federal offense; investigators are looking at the possibilities that it was an inside job or that the post office was being cased for a while (apparently the robbers entered the post office through a side door that has a combination lock). Another post office in Ozone Park was robbed last year, so investigators are seeing if the two incidents are linked. The Times reports that the post office was closed for the day, but a mobile postal office truck was stationed outside; one resident said, "It's crazy. I've lived here all my life, and nobody's ever robbed a post office around here before."