A man's life is in utter shambles after a pedicure-gone-wrong has left him on the margins of society—unable to walk properly, unable to attend his monthly pedicure sessions, unable to participate in his recreational soccer league, and unable to have relations with his wife.

According to the Post, this local tragedy started when Steven Clarke, the 28-year-old victim, and his girlfriend journeyed to Lilac Nail & Spa on West 110th Street last summer for their monthly $35 pedicures. According to his lawsuit against the Spa, he "felt a sharp pain on his left pinky toe and...observed a constant stream of blood in the water."

It seems the pedicurist used a credo blade, prohibited in NY state since 1994, to shave off his callouses. Instead, the pedicurist shaved off his dignity.

“Rudimentary tasks like showering, driving, walking, engaging in relations and sleeping have now become extremely difficult,” according to the lawsuit.

“Besides everyday paranoia, Mr. Clarke is now afraid to get pedicures, which was an endeavor that he and his girlfriend engaged in at least once a month,” the lawsuit adds.

The plaintiff’s lawsuit says he had to drop out of his recreational soccer league, was forced to buy larger shoes, and “is hesitant to be seen in public because of his limp.”

Clarke claims he literally cannot put one foot in front of the other due to his injury: "He is forced to think about the angle, speed and position of his foot with every step he takes, which has now become mentally draining," the lawsuit ­reads. And like that, a pedicure turned into a pedicurse.

In addition to permanent "scarring" and "psychological damage" and loss of recreational soccer ability, Clarke claims the injury has hurt his day job as a bakery manager "because he’s been unable to walk around as he used to."

What's really strange though is that Lilac has a special $29 deal for a mani/pedi combo, so clearly Clarke and his girlfriend were doing something wrong from the start here.