Even though cell phones are forbidden from being used in most schools, Vernon Alcoser knows that students aren't just going to leave their phones at home. He also knows parents want their kids to have phones on them, and that the kids usually have an allowance. So for $1 a day (75 cents more than these proposed lockers!), lucky teens at two Bronx schools can store their phones in his trucks while they're in school. One student mentioned the necessity of having your phone handy after school, telling the Daily News, "I need my phone in case someone tries to hold me up or stab me. I can call for help." And what's a dollar a day for that sort of peace of mind?

Alcoser's company, Pure Loyalty Electronic Device Storage, has been around since 2007, and parks trucks outside of Herbert H. Lehman High School and Dewitt Clinton High School. He usually gets about 700 customers a day. Local bodegas also reportedly provide storage options, but many people think going with Alcoser is the safer choice, since students are photographed with their phones every morning to make sure nobody takes the wrong one. When asked about their success, Pure Loyalty employee and former Lehman student Jonathan Ortiz also stated the obvious: "These kids can't live without their phones." If that's the case, they should be charging $5.