We cringe at the idea of having to take another multiple-choice test ever again in our lives, but now we know that if we ever chose to become firefighters, we could probably ace it. Runnin' Scared has a list of the top 10 most obvious questions on two FDNY Entrance Exams, so any aspiring firefighters out there should take a look. If you think that the best course of action in responding to an emergency water leak is immediately cutting a hole in the door with a portable saw, you might want to rethink your career goals. Or just get out your cheat sheets.

When asked what not to do when dealing with electrical wires that have fallen in the street, you don't want to handle them "while standing in a puddle of water." Nor do you want to ventilate a smoky apartment by "pulling down the ceiling with a six-foot hook." Also, a car leaking gasoline is a bigger fire hazard than a car with four flat tires, and you shouldn't bring heavy stuff onto a frozen lake. (Though we doubt too many FDNY firefighters would have to worry about that one.)

Though the blog worries about what these tests mean about possibly unfair hiring practices, one commenter writes, "Okay so these are painfully obvious, but part of me is glad to see they are testing for common sense. Some people are geniuses but lack the most basic common sense, so maybe this isn't such a horrible thing?" Don't want any firefighters going out to fight a fire and coming back with spaghetti.