The Thanksgiving Day and Thanksgiving Day Eve have emerged as some of the busiest travel days of the year. While the media shows shots of crowded airports and train stations on the Wednesdays before Thanksgiving (like today), the Bureau of Transportation Statistics says that when personal vehicle travel is included into calculations, "Thanksgiving Day is actually a heavier long-distance travel day [to and from a destination more than 50 or more miles away] than Wednesday," which makes sense - there tons of people who just want to see family just for the day.

Still, the federal government was concerned enough about Thanksgiving holiday travel - and the growing problem of airline and airport delays - to open up military airspace to ease air traffic congestion - there are 3,492 takeoffs and landings at LaGuardia, Newark, and JFK today! Amtrak is expecting 70% more riders today versus a regular Wednesday - and it's a Gridlock Alert Day in the city!

You can check on flight delays by look at the FAA's Flight Delay map (so far, there are half hour delays at LaGuardia - none at Newark or JFK). Lots of people try to avoid the rush by heading out of town early, like leaving yesterday or even taking the whole week off. If you're traveling, let us how your travels - whether by plane, train, bus, or car - were, but either way, we hope you all get to where you're going safely!

Update: Field report from reader Jacob at LaGuardia: "There are more dogs at the airport than the humane society. I've counted at least a dozen. One witless blond even put poor Chloe, her pomeranian complete with Louie Vuitton carrier bag through the xray machine. The screener exclaimed 'Ma'am is that a live animal in the X ray machine?!'"

Photograph of planes in line for takeoff by vidiot on Flickr