2005_11_dmxjail.jpgOh, dear. While Gothamist admits to being bemused by rapper DMX's various run-ins with the law and antics at the Queens court house where he's facing charges of violating a previous sentence (when he crashed through a gate at JFK Airport), this is too much. He was almost three hours late for his latest sentencing hearing yesterday, so the judge issued an arrest warrant for him. When he finally showed up, he was asked to spend the night in jail. His lawyer says that DMX's asthma was the reason why he was so delayed (DMX and his wife had to go back home for his inhaler), but that's the shoddiest musician excuse since Ashlee SImpson blaming her lip syncing on acid reflux. If you have asthma, you carry an inhaler around with you!

In other celebrity courtroom news, Russell Crowe is going to appear at criminal court to face charges from his June attack on the concierge at the Mercer Hotel.

Photograph from Newsday