After the revelation that Douglas Kennedy, youngest son of Robert F. and Ethel Kennedy, was charged with harassment and child endangerment after an apparent confrontation with maternity ward nurses, the husband of the nurse allegedly kicked in the crotch spoke out to the Daily News, "Her comment to me that night was, ‘I was assaulted tonight and could you believe it, it was a Kennedy who did it?'"

On January 7, Kennedy wanted to take his two-day-old son Boru from Northern Westchester Hospital, but maternity ward nurses stopped him and physically blocked him from leaving. He allegedly twisted the wrist of one nurse, Anna Lane, and when another nurse, Cari Luciano, moved forward to "stabilize the baby's head," Kennedy allegedly kicked Luciano in the pelvis. Video shows Luciano falling backwards, and Kennedy himself fell backwards (the newborn was okay).

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Kennedy and his wife, Molly, issued a statement, "We are sickened by the fact that our simple desire to take our healthy baby son out for a walk has been warped into child endangerment. Nobody should try grab a baby from a parent’s arms, as these nurses tried to do," and their lawyer said the nurses were just looking for money. And Dr. Timothy Haydock, who works in the hospital's ER and has known the Kennedys for decades, said it was fine for Kennedy to take the baby outside, "I witnessed the incident and I can state unequivocally that the nurses were the only aggressors."

But Luciano's husband questioned the Kennedy version of events. Steve Luciano said, "My wife was assisting Anna to simply encourage Mr. Kennedy to place the child back into its bassinet." (Seriously—if you're having a disagreement with a nurse, why not just stop for a minute and talk to her/him? Why freak out and run to the stairwell?) He added, "Cari is probably 5 feet tall on her best day," and pointed out that babies born in the ward have GPS monitoring tags: "My understanding is that Mr. Kennedy took it off and said something like, ‘My son needs to get fresh air.' From my perspective, the doctor [Haydock] assumed that between your name [Kennedy] and my status, what rules apply?"

Lane and Cari Luciano's lawyer Eliot Taub, a personal injury lawyer, said that rules for removing babies from the maternity ward are very strict and it was unclear whether Kennedy was authorized to do so, "They have been instructed as per hospital guidelines that each newborn cannot leave the ward without written permission by medical personnel." Steve Luciano said, "I don’t think that anybody, even a Kennedy, should go around kicking hospital personnel and believe there are no ramifications."

And the Journal News reports, "This incident is not the first run-in involving a Kennedy, Northern Westchester Hospital and Mount Kisco police. In 2007, Mary Kennedy, Douglas’s sister-in-law, resisted help outside the hospital after her husband, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., drove her there to see a psychologist because he was worried about her mental state."