MTA Czar Jay Walder believes subway countdown clocks will take some of the "angst" out of commuting. But a recent survey suggests many straphangers are still aggravated, clocks be damned. At 145th Street, jazz singer Nerissa Campbell tells the Times she felt disillusioned after the A train did not arrive when the clock promised. "It lied!" she said, laughing. "They shouldn’t spend money if they’re not going to get it quite right." (Cost: almost $400 million.) Another commuter, student Bianca Ansari, declares, "It doesn’t change the way I commute... As a New Yorker, you know that nothing works." Which reminds us! NYC Transit tweeted this morning: "If a subway clock is an hour off, its not broken. Our ad vendor is changing time in preparation for Daylight Savings Time."