NYC Transit buses are crawling with roaches! It says so in amNY! Bus operators, mechanics and union leaders have told the city's easy-reading tabloid that the infestation has gotten out of control, because NYC Transit has cut back on cleaning. One Bronx NYC Transit driver says his bus was "chronically infected with hundreds of roaches during overnight runs, when they would crawl up the dashboard."

If you're reading this at the back of a bus, what you're going to want to do is casually rise and make your way toward the front: experts say that roaches congregate at the back because they love breeding in the warmth of the engine. Also, that's where all the cool roaches hang. One exterminator also says commuters inadvertently bring roaches on the buses, which is definitely one way to get a couple seats to yourself.

The problem is that NYC Transit has cut approximately 100 bus maintenance staff, so buses are cleaned less frequently. But in response to the deterioration, the agency is planning to hire 40 new cleaners soon, in case you're looking for work. And next year they'll start "exterminating the buses" four times a year in 2010, up from every four months now. Until then, keep your feet up on the seat.