Hilarious: As the City Council considers the bill to make sure New Yorkers know what the real movie start times are - sans previews and commercials and warnings about being noisy in the theater that people never heed - is considered, apparently some people think the bill is silly. Shockingly, some of this contigent is made up of theater owners, who would get less pre-movie advertising if less people will be in the seats. But the Assident Consumer Affairs Commissioner Pauline Toole said that an informal survey of New Yorkers says the ads are only a "petty annoyance," plus "think that previews are a treat." Hmm, well, as far as we can tell, Loews is still moving forward with testing real movie start times in the next few months. And Gothamist would like to propose an addenda to any bill about movie start times: Patrons cannot bring in pungent food. It's not Smell-O-Vision.

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