The city—the same city that just cut pest control aides on payroll from 84 to 57—is seeking a pest control service for Brooklyn Bridge Park. Is the ratdemic creeping into the shiny new waterfront park? Of course not! At least, that's what they want you to think. President of the city development corporation, Regina Myer, told the NY Post there's "absolutely not" a rodent issue, and that the contract is about be "pro-active" so there's never an issue.

Locals, however, are singin' a different tune—many have spotted rats and muskrats near the children's playground at Pier 6. The muskrats would reportedly not be targeted by the pest control service, however—so they just need to be able to, you know, survive the rat poison.

According to A Walk In The Park (click that, if only to see the GIANT rat-in-a-bag photo), the Request For Proposals (RFP) put out by the city stated, "The Contractor shall furnish all supervision, labor, materials and equipment necessary to accomplish the monitoring, management and pest removal components of the pest program. The Contractor shall perform inspections... in order to maintain, control and to prevent infestations." Smells like a rat to us.