As pedicab operators make the final stride in becoming legit under the city's new regulations, the NY Post takes a look at their rate cards. Unlike other modes of transportation in this city, pedicabs don't have a fixed fare. Operators can change their prices from minute-to-minute as long as they provide rate cards for their customers.

One driver, Patrick O'Donovan, told the paper he has five different rate cards, and he'll charge "$50 for a 20-minute ride during the holiday season. $10 from January to April." Another charges a $10 base fee, then $20 for every added 1.5 miles. Odometers, and even stopwatches, are all city-approved ways of keeping time and distance measured — meters were part of the inspection process many pedicab operators just went through to become licensed.

The number of totally legit pedicab operators was up to 519 by the end of yesterday — the rest have until Friday to get their licensing applications in.