New Yorkers say they don't want a Wal-Mart, but their money is talking behind their backs, and its saying something different. According to the NY Post, residents of the city spent $165MM at Wal-Mart last year—and that's not including online, they actually drove to the suburbs just to shop at the low-cost store (allegedly)! Interesting because it seems as though most city folk are rebelling against the company bringing a Wal-Mart to the five boroughs (or maybe it's just union members rebelling a non-unionized retail outlet). In May, our poll revealed that 71% of you were against the chain infiltrating the city.

So with these numbers behind them, the chain is "launching an aggressive marketing campaign to open stores in the city," and has hired a consultant (also Mayor Bloomberg's former campaign manager)—Bradley Tusk—to help out. A spokesman for the company told the paper, "We're evaluating opportunities across the five boroughs. It's clear that New Yorkers want to shop our brand."

Should Wal-Mart be welcome to the boroughs, or just like Cracker Barrel, is it somewhere that should only exist within driving distance from the city? Lines are being drawn right now, over at the lake of hellfire.