A sodden young man in Stuy Town recently took the adage about not shitting where you eat quite literally, and decided to do his business in one of the stairwells. The incident, described vividly by a commenter on StuyTown Lux Living, highlights the roiling tension between longtime rent-stabilized tenants and rowdy arrivistes who've moved in since landlord Tishman-Speyer pushed out some of the old-timers and raised rents.

According to the appalled bowel movement witness: "I was walking up the stairs to my third floor apartment and I saw an obviously drunken college kid TAKING A SHIT in the stairwell. I did a double take. The clearly inebriated young man just looked at me and said, 'Hey when ya gotta go ya gotta go.' Thanks Tishman-Speyer for bringing such high class tenants into what USED to be a wonderful place to live."

But NY Mag's Chris Rovzar, who happens to live in Stuy Town, doesn't believe the story, and thinks Tishman-Speyer has made the place "nice now. All this nostalgia for when it was a set of glorified geriatric dormitories really strikes me as misplaced." And besides, now there are "many more attractive bodies sunning in the Oval." They should just take the elevator on their way down there, though.