Are the foot soldiers of gentrification also poisoning Brooklyn's jury pools in favor of the police and against the common man? By the tone of this Post report you'd think Scruff McGruff and The See Something Say Somethings headlined the Northside Festival this weekend.

“The jurors are becoming more like Manhattan — which is not good for defendants," defense attorney Julie Clark says, without bothering to note that the acquittal rates have remained steady in both boroughs (Kings County [PDF], New York County [PDF]). In fact, acquittal rates in Manhattan are actually slightly higher than in Brooklyn.

“They are . . . much more trusting of police,” Clark added of these new white, affluent jurors. “I’m not sure people from the University of Vermont would believe that a police officer would [plant] a gun.’’ As your UVM roommate used to say right as he coughed out the smoke: "JAIL MUMIA!"

“The grand jury used to have an anti-police sentiment. When I was a prosecutor 22 years ago, a jury would be 80 percent people of color,” said high-profile lawyer Arthur Aidala. “Now, the grand juries have more law-and-order types in there.

“People who can afford to live in Brooklyn now don’t have the experience of police officers throwing them against cars and searching them. A person who just moves here from Wisconsin or Wyoming, they can’t relate to [that]. It doesn’t sound credible to them.”

Yeah, how would educated, white, upper-middle class New York transplants be exposed to police misconduct?