It seems that rival drug crews are not only sharing lookouts and customers (perhaps in homage to Stringer and Prop Joe's Utopian vision of criminal enterprising)—they're sharing weapons too! Police believe that they've noticed a new trend amongst gangs in NYC, with rivals sharing guns rather than heading out of state to restock their illegal firearms.

Cops point as an example to the big Blood/Crips bust last week, where they discovered a .380 caliber gun that was connected to four different shooters. "Some of the [crews] didn't have a lot of guns, but they would just share a gun. They'd pass that gun around," said Deputy Chief Robert Boyce, head of the NYPD's Gang Division. (It sounds like it's more efficient than the Taxi Share.) The BBC reported on a similar trend in England this past January.

Statistics back up the theory: the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms traced 5,135 crime-linked guns recovered in the city last year, down from from 5,537 in 2008, 5,914 in 2007 and 7,059 in 2006. The Guns For Cash program has proven to be a hugely popular, removing more than 1,000 guns from the streets last month, and though murders are up slightly this year, only 43% of them involved guns, compared with 68% last year, according to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Of course, Kelly couldn't let an opportunity pass without advocating some more for his beloved Stop-and-Frisk program, telling the Daily News the program limits the number of guns on NY streets: "Quite frankly, they'll leave it home. If they're going to do something with it, they'll carry it for a specific time as opposed to carrying it all the time."