The MTA's newish Select Buses may be illegal because they use flashing blue lights which, according to state law, are only supposed to be used by emergency vehicles. Computer consultant Eugene Falik has made it his mission to hold the MTA responsible for its wanton misuse of blue lighting, and he tells the Daily News, "The reason for standardizing these things is so driver reaction becomes subconscious. When you take that way, overall, it endangers public safety." Two years ago, when the lights first appeared on the Bx12 route, Falik called a police precinct to hold the MTA accountable. He also voiced his concerns via the 311 hotline. But his complaining has fallen on deaf ears!

One source at the MTA simply passed the buck, claiming that the blue light decision was made by the prior NYC Transit administration. And the MTA's scofflaw spokesman Charles Seaton shrugs off Falik's warnings, insisting the blue lights "have helped SBS ridership grow in the Bronx and will do so in Manhattan. I doubt whether there's anyone out there who will mistake a 60-foot bus for a volunteer firefighter's vehicle." True, but what about all the confused bus riders trying to swipe their MetroCards to board a fire truck? This is anarchy!