Over two dozen city buses were vandalized over the past few weeks, and officials believe the work was done by disgruntled current or former employees. Between September 27th and October 4th, vandals filled 29 bus fareboxes with construction foam, which expands and solidifies. Haha, why didn't we think of that? Oh right, because it'll cost the MTA $185,000 to fix and probably give them another excuse to hike fares again.

NYC Transit spokesman Charles Seaton told the Daily News, "This senseless vandalism victimizes both NYC Transit, who must use scarce funding to make repairs, and our customers who can't ride that bus while repairs are being made." A batch of vandalized trains were first found at the Casey Stengel depot near Citi Field. The next monday, 12 more were found in the same condition at LaGuardia depot in East Elmhurst. One source said, "We believe it's inside people doing this."

The Transport Workers Union Local 100 is denying any involvement. Spokesman Jim Gannon said, "Our people wouldn't do this stuff. They know it's a terminable offense, and I'm sure there's a lot of disgruntled riders out there who are upset having the fare hiked." Of course, blame the "disgruntled riders!" They're the ones who want to make the buses run slower!