With raccoons biting ankles in Central Park and breaking in to apartments in Park Slope, some humans are beginning to declare war on the animals. For example, a Greenwood Heights woman and her husband have now installed an electric fence around their property, which they say is often invaded by the determined creatures.

According to the Brooklyn Paper, the McTague family noticed an increase of raccoon activity in their garden on 23rd Street between 6th and 7th avenues around the time the furry fiends murdered five of their koi fish! Tracey McTague told the paper, “They are very clever. They are like Moby Dick. If you are going to hate an animal, they should challenge your wits.”

The family is concerned about being overrun by the animals because they have a baby and a dog, and the raccoons can bring parasitic roundworms in to their yard. The electric fence they've installed is allegedly several times stronger and delivers more voltage than most that would deter a farm animal, because "coons are that much tougher." Which makes us wonder WTF is going to happen when a less tough animal crosses the line. As for the raccoons, they're crafty and have figured other ways to access the family's garden.

So when electric shocks don't work, what's the next step in the war against the raccoon? Aaron Brashear, a founding member of the Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights, told the paper, “At this point, the city needs to step in. If euthanizing is a way to look at it, I don’t have such a big deal with that."