There are two kinds of people in New York: People with bedbugs, and people who lie awake at night wondering WHEN the bedbugs will come for THEM. This week an unsubstantiated rumor has swirled about bedbugs returning to a certain Soho retailer, and now the Post reports other unsubstantiated rumors that the offices of Food Network Magazine have fallen prey to the parasites.

Food Network Magazine is published by Hearst, and the Post's Keith Kelly says a Hearst spokeswoman "would neither confirm nor deny that bedbugs were detected but said the magazine has stepped up preventive measures." The spokeswoman tells him, "As any good business should do, we have stayed ahead of the game by proactively adding sweeps to our regular cleaning practices." (Similar preventative measures, using bedbug-sniffing dogs, were recently taken up by Bergdorf Goodman as a "precaution.")

Kelly also reassures subscribers to the magazine that there's no need to burn their latest issues, because "the printing plants are located hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from the Manhattan editorial offices, so there's no chance of spreading the bugs to readers' homes." If the Post's source is correct, Food Network mag would be just the latest NYC media office to bug out: the critters recently feasted on employees at Elle magazine (but were easily rounded up in the restroom when they went to purge).