Last month, two synagogues filed suit against the city and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz claiming the Seaside Summer Concert Series at Asser Levy Park was violating noise code. That code stated that the "use of electronic sound amplification equipment at any location within 500 feet of houses of worship during hours of worship" is not allowed. The city quickly moved to tweak that law.

Now the Brooklyn Paper reports that the concerts may be violating the new law which was passed last month! The new law states that performances are allowed as long as the noise spillover doesn't exceed 10 decibels above typical ambient sound. The paper recorded a concert last week, however, and readings outside of the venue would jump over the 10 decibels allowed. They believe this will go even higher on July 29th when George Thorogood plays the series. The question is: why is the borough's local paper trying to kill this concert series?!